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The Prints of Luis Quintanilla:
A Catalogue Raisonné
(in progress)
Prints Made for Illustrated Books

Note: The illustrations below are not included included in the catalogue raisonné proper. (Explain this.)

A Study for Gulliver's Travels

Selected Illustrations
by Luis Quintanilla

Gulliver's Travels


Jonathan Swift

Note: The illustrations below are not included included in the
catalogue raisonné proper. (Explain this.)


In 1947, a new edition of Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels appeared. It was published in New York by Crown Publishers and includes an introduction by Jacques Barzun. It is illustrated with twenty-three "original prints" and one hundred and sixty drawings by Quintanilla. There is no indication that the book was issued in a limited edition.

To make the prints, Quintanilla derived his own process which allowed him to draw his images directly onto coated, translucent cellophane sheets. This provided a drawing surface much closer to paper than drawing on a ground-covered plate in the manner traditionally used in etching. Then by passing light through the cellophane onto a zinc plate covered with a photosensitive emulsion, he could transfer the image to the plate. Finally, by means of an application of acid, the image was etched onto the plate from which the impressions would be printed. Like photographic negatives, the blacks and whites on the cellophanes are reversed, but when printed regain their original orientation.

According to the editors of Gulliver's Travels, this printmaking process is "in the tradition of Blake" and qualifies the prints as "authentic originals" -- a designation not accepted by this catalogue raisonné. This same process was also used to create the illustrations for Cervantes' Three Exemplary Novels and Poe's "The Raven" and "The Bells," as well as for Gulliver's Travels. (For a more complete explanation of why these illustrations are not included in the catalogue raisonné proper, click here.)




Mr. Lemuel Gulliver

The Candidates for great Employments,
and high Favour, at Court

Gulliver quenching the Fire
in the Royal Quarters of the Empress

Gulliver meets a Farmer

The Queen's Maids of Honor

The Grand Academy of Lagado

The Struldbruggs

Houyhnhnm and Yahoo

European Life

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