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Objectives of American Printmakers On-line Catalogue Raisonné Project (APOCRP)

  • To publish catalogues raisonné on-line for American artist-printmakers whose work was created mostly during the latter half of the nineteenth or the first half of the twentieth century; and who, while deserving to have catalogues of their complete prints produced, have not had one published.
  • To republish, on-line, existing catalogues raisonné for American artist-printmakers whose catalogues have gone out of print or are in need of correction and/or supplementation.
  • To exploit and adapt fully the medium of the internet so that complete, reliable and up-to-date catalogues raisonné can be widely and immediately available to collectors, curators, dealers and other interested parties; and to enable these same parties, through the interactivity of the internet, to make their own contributions to our various projects.
  • To transfer, at some point in the future, this entire project to a non-profit institution interested in sustaining and extending it.

Organizational Status of APOCRP

  • Currently, APOCRP is a non-profit, non-commercial enterprise using the web address It is wholly owned and copyrighted by Jeffrey A. Coven, who can be reached by clicking any of the Contact Us links on this website.

Current Catalogues appearing on or in preparation for APOCRP

  • With respect to the first objective above (of publishing new catalogues raisonné) APOCRP has begun with two artists who eminently fit the qualification of being worthy of having catalogues raisonné of their prints published. Although neither artist was born in the United States, both created a substantial body of graphic work in America.
  • The catalogue raisonné of the prints of Ernest Fiene, though still in progress, can now be viewed by clicking his name just above.
  • The catalogue raisonné of the prints of Luis Quintanilla is in an advanced state of development and will be available for viewing soon.
  • The catalogue raisonné of the prints of Mortimer Borne is in an early stage of development and not currently available for viewing.

Criteria for creating catalogues for publication

  • The criteria for choosing to publish catalogues raisonné of other artists are not fixed. Nevertheless, any artist chosen must have created a body of prints worthy of being catalogued, and a substantial portion of his or her prints must have been created in America.
  • The author must be qualified to undertake such a project and committed to a sustained effort that would continue beyond the initial appearance of the catalogue on the website.
  • We will be happy to discuss the possibility of publication with anyone who is thinking about writing a CR for an American printmaker, who is currently working on one, or has already completed one and is looking for a publisher. Indeed, we would even like to discuss publication with anyone whose catalogue has already appeared in print but would like to take advantage of the possibilities inherent in web publication. Indeed publishing both in print and on the web are complementary not mutually exclusive endeavors.

For further information, please email us at

Thank you for visiting the site.

Jeffrey Coven

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