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The Prints of Luis Quintanilla:
A Catalogue Raisonné
(in progress)
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Catalogue Entry #: 3*
Title: Cafetería en Lloret de Mar (Café, Lloret de Mar)**
Series: Madrid Prints

Click the image for enlargement.

Date: 1933***

Medium: Drypoint, possibly including some etching****

Edition: 7 numbered impressions plus at least one unnumbered impression*****

Dimensions: 360 x 275 mm. (14 3/16 x 10 7/8 in.)

Printer: Adolfo Ruperez

Paper: Wove with Arches watermark

Signature: Typically signed in pencil, l.r., beneath the plate mark.

Public collections holding this print: BNE

Topic galleries for this print:
1. Cafe/Restaurant Scenes
2. Men (studies of)


*Catalogue Entry #: For numbering used in other catalogues, see below.


  • The Spanish title appears in the artist's hand in pencil, on at least one impression, beneath the plate mark, l.l. (See fig.1 below.)
    • The only known impressions bearing titles in the artist's hand for Madrid Series prints are in the Hemingway Collection and carry their titles l.l. where the numbering normally appears.
  • BNE uses "[Cafetin en Lloret]" (a small café in Lloret)
  • The Pierre Matisse Gallery Catalogue uses the Spanish "Cafetín [small café] en Lloret."
  • On another impression, the English title, "Mediterranean Sailors," appears at the bottom of the sheet in an undetermined hand, probably added for the AAA exhibition of 1939.
  • Burdett 270 uses the English derived from the French "An Estaminet" (a small café).
  • The English, "Café, Lloret de Mar," at the top of this page is our translation of Quintanilla's title and does not appear on any impression.

Setting: Lloret de Mar is a seaside town on the Mediterranean very close to Barcelona. At least two other prints in the Madrid series are set in Lloret de Mar: "Mister Morgan -- Lloret de Mar." and Sardana en Lloret de Mar.

****Medium: A final determination for the medium has not been made.

For a discussion of the factors involved, visit the "Medium" section of "Using This Catalogue Raisonné."

***Date: "1933" follows the title on one impression (See Fig. 1. below.) This catalogue accepts this as the date of the print, though it could be read as part of the title.


  • The BNE catalogue describes its impression as hand written in pencil "n° 1 de 7".
  • Another impression is numbered, "No. 6," l.l., but untitled and undated. (See Fig. 2 below.)
  • Ruperez typically printed ten or fewer (most commonly 7-10) of Quintanilla's Madrid Series prints, often including at least one or more unnumbered impressions. (No record exists of more than two unnumbered impressions of any of the Madrid prints.)
    • The Hemingway Collection typically includes one unnumbered impression bearing a title instead of the number, l.l. (See Fig. 1 below.)


Fig. 2

Reproduced in: Burdett 270.

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