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Luis Quintanilla
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Links to Websites of Organizations Presenting Information Concerning Fine Art Prints (2007)

Alan Wofsy Fine Arts
Publisher and distributor with the most extensive list of catalogues raisonné

American Print Alliance
An organization devoted to promoting opportunities for printmakers and printmakers' groups in the US and Canada to communicate with each other concerning activities and issues of mutual interest.

Finding a Catalogue Raisonné for an Artist--UCLA Arts Library
Althought this web page is designed as an aid for the UCLA Arts Library, it should be of assistance to anyone searching for a catalogue raisonné in a data base for a library collection.

International Fine Print Dealers Association (IFPDA)
"A non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the highest ethical standards and quality among fine print dealers, and to promoting greater appreciation of fine prints among the public."

International Print Center New York (IPCNY)
An organization established "in September, 2000 as the first and only non-profit institution devoted solely to the exhibition and understanding of fine art prints."

The Print Center
A non-profit gallery "whose mission is to support printmaking and photography as vital contemporary arts and encourage the appreciation of the printed image in all its forms."

Print Council of America
A non-profit organization founded in 1956 by a small group of museum curators, scholars, artists, collectors, and dealers with a mission to "foster the creation, dissemination, and appreciation of fine prints, old and new."
Also includes a searchable data base for catalogues raisonné of printmakers.

The Print Research Foundation
The Print Research Foundation, located at 258 Atlantic Street, Stamford, CT 06901, was created by Reba and Dave Williams to provide research facilities for the study of prints made by American artists during the last 150 years.  The Foundation also sponsors independent research on prints, and travels exhibitions from the Williams collection.

Rutgers University Prints and Printmaking Research Sources
"An extensive list of sources for information about prints and printmakers, including a list of books and articles about print artists, techniques, and sales."

Links to websites particularly concerned with catalogues raisonné

CATRAIS Online Catalogue Raisonné Project
Publisher of catalogues raisonné on-line for American artist-printmakers whose work was created mostly during the latter half of the nineteenth or the first half of the twentieth century. The emphasis is on deserving artists who heretofore have not had catalogues of their complete prints produced.

Artnet "Artist Works Catalogues"
A series of catalogues of the works of modern and contemporary artists "developed in close collaboration with artists, estates and galleries to serves as a research tool for students, faculty, museum curators, researchers, dealers and collectors."

Catalogue Raisonné Scholars Association (CRSA)
A professional organization of authors of catalogues raisonné of works of art. CRSA members are typically engaged in the study of a single artist’s body of work to establish a reliable list of authentic works, their chronology, and history (usually including provenance, bibliographic, and exhibition histories)."

The Print Council of America: Print Catalogue Raisonné Search Index
A searchable index to catalogues raisonné of prints by European and American Artists
A website the intention of which "is to document the complete work of many printmakers who have never had catalogues and also to provide on-line catalogues for printmakers whose raisonné catalogues are long out-of-date, rare, or unillustrated."

Links to On-line Catalogues Raisonné of Individual Artists

Honoré Daumier

Donald De Lue (Prints)

Ernest Fiene (Prints)

Gemini G..E.L. On-line Catalogue Raisonné

Paul Lameyer (Prints)

The Paintings of Gilbert Munger

Luis Quintanilla (Prints)

Chauncy Ryder (Prints)

Frederick Ferdinand Schafer

N.C. Wyeth

Links to announcements of catalogues raisonné being prepared for publication

Charles Partridge Adams

Theodore Earl Butler

Alexander Calder
(After arriving at the Calder Foundation home page, follow "Calder Foundation" links until you reach a link for "Catalogue Raisonné.)

Mary Cassatt

Richard Diebenkorn

Edward Hopper

Roy Lichtenstein
After arriving at the page, click the "Catalgoue Raisonné" link at the top of the page.)

Edvard Munch

Isamu Naguchi

John Singer Sargent

Frank E. Schoonover

John Henry Twatchman

An Artist/Scholar list is maintained on the website of Catalogue Raisonné Scholars Association. Artists whose catalogues raisonné are being worked on or have been completed by members of the Association are listed alphabetically, and each artist's name is linked to the name of and contact information for the scholar.

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Links to websites of organizations presenting information concerning fine art prints

Links to websites particularly concerned with catalogues raisonné

Links to on-line catalogues raisonné of individual artists

Link to Catalogue Raisonné Scholars Association artist-scholar list

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