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The Prints of Ernest Fiene:
A Catalogue Raisonné
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Catalogue Entry # 48
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Date: 1928

Medium: Lithograph

Edition: 30

Dimensions: 11 1/4 x 7 3/4 in.

Printer: George C. Miller

Typical pencil annotations on impressions from the edition: Just below the image: numbered (l.l.), signed and dated (l.r.)*

Public collections holding this print: CMA, MoMA, PhMA

Topic galleries for this print:
1. Nudes


*Title: As is the case with his florals, still lifes, portraits, and figure studies, Fiene did not typically give titles to his nudes, though there are exceptions, such as "Asleep" and "Bather". In this case, most impressions are untitled, but there are exceptions: impression 1/30 is titled "Seated Nude" in the artist's hand; impression (4/30) bears the title "Nude" (l.l. in pencil--though not clearly in the artist's hand);

and the impression numbered "1/30" bears the title "'Seated Nude'" (both l.l.). It is atypical for Fiene to put his own title in quotation marks as it appears below.

Photo courtesy of Childs Gallery

The Downtown Gallery catalogue of 1928 "Ernest Fiene New Lithographs" also calls this work "Nude" and reproduces it on its cover.

Impression outside the Edition: The CMA impression is unnumbered and inscribed "To Geo.[rge] C. Miller in appreciation"

Photo courtesy of the Cleveland Museum of Art

Paper: Observed impressions are on wove paper bearing "RIVES" watermark.

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