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The Prints of Ernest Fiene:
A Catalogue Raisonné -- in progress
Unauthenticated Print
Pennsylvania Winter
No Catalogue Entry #: not included in catalogue raisonné proper*
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Date: c. 1941*

Medium: Lithograph*

Edition: Currently Unknown (CU)*

Dimensions: CU*

Printer: probably George C. Miller**

Typical pencil annotations on impressions from the edition: CU***

Public collections holding this print: CU

Topic galleries for this print:
Unclassified at this time.


*Date and Questionable status: Associated American Artists (AAA) published "Pennsylvania Winter" as a greeting card in 1941. It is offered for sale as such in two of their catalogues: "1941 Collection of Greeting Cards Presented by the Associated American Artists" (See below.); and the 1941 gift catalogue entitled "This year perpetuate the Christmas thought by giving unusual gifts of lasting beauty and remembrance." The greeting card catalogue states, "Each card is a reproduction of a fine etching or lithograph." If there is such a print by Fiene, it would undoubtedly be a lithograph, but because no such Fiene print has ever been observed by us or even reported to us, "Pennsylvania Winter" is not yet included in the catalogue raisonné.

Despite the claim quoted above that each greeting card is a reproduction of an etching or lithograph, it is possible that no edition per se was created and that the image was created by the artist solely for the purpose of making the reproductions for the cards. The 1942 card collection catalog states that "each card actually is a miniature fine work of art, reproduced with amazing fidelity from a subject, in most instances, especially created for this purpose." (Gail Windisch, catalogue raisonné of Associated American Artist prints -- in progress).

**Printer:As George C. Miller was not only Fiene's lithograph printer but also the printer for AAA, it is likely he printed the cards as well.

***AnnotationsOn the cards, the title is printed below the image, l.l., and a reproduction of Fiene's signature appears just below the image, l.r., giving the impression of the annotations on a print.

The cover of the 1941 AAA Greeting Card Catalog (above left) and page 3 of the catalog (above right) on which the card bearing Fiene's image "Pennsylvania Winter" appears. (The other card on page is a Gordon Grant image.) (photos courtesy of Gail Windisch)

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