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The Prints of Ernest Fiene:
A Catalogue Raisonné -- in progress
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Empire State Building*
Catalogue Entry # 61
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(All photos of Empire State Building
appearing on this website,
including details,
courtesy of The Collection of
Reba and Dave Williams)

Date: 1930

Medium: Lithograph

Edition: 50

Dimensions: 14 1/2 x 8 3/4 in.

Printer: George Miller

Typical pencil annotations on impressions from the edition: Just below the image: numbered and titled (l.l.) signed and dated (l.r.)

Public collections holding this print: PRF

Topic galleries for this print:
1. New York City Scenes


Title: *One impression (PRF--2/50) is annotated "Emp. State Bld." l.l. (See below.) Some publications that reproduce the print give variant titles:. (See below for an example.)

Reproduced in: Brock "New York Today." (Uses title "Empire State"); Chwast and Heller 32 (uses title "The Empire State Building from my Window"); A Nation on the Move (Cover); Graphic Excursions (Cat. No. 32); Shared Perspectives (Cat. No. 13); Williams, New York, New York, Prints of the City, p. 11.

Setting: The window through which the Empire State Building is viewed in both the lithograph and the painting (see below) was in Fiene's studio at Two East 23rd Street on Madison Square, ten blocks south of the Empire State Building. The construction of the Empire State Building was begun in April 1930; opening ceremonies were on May 1, 1931 (The Encyclopedia of New York City). For more information on the Empire State Building itself, click here.)

Related Works: The self-portrait below pictures the artist in his studio drawing Empire State Building on the lithographic stone while looking at it through his window. Fiene writes of the painting, "I am shown drawing the unfinished Empire State Building on a lithographic stone. Notice the action and counter-action of the composition." (Fiene, Complete Guide 34).

View from My Window, oil on canvas, 60 1/8 x 60 3/8 in. (signed and dated l.l. "E. Fiene - 30-31"

(Photo courtesy of ACA Galleries, New York)

Mechanical Progress (A Study), pencil on paper, 21.1 x 13.9 in. c. 1932, private collection.

(Photo Courtesy of Swann Galleries, New York)

This pencil drawing, like Empire State Building reflects Fiene's oft cited precisionist style and frequent theme of the changes in the modern city being brought about through "mechanical progress."

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