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The Prints of Ernest Fiene:
A Catalogue Raisonné -- in progress
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Mine Superintendent*
Catalogue Entry # 76
(Click here for explanation of catalogue entry #s and titles.)

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(All photos of Mine Superintendent appearing on this website,
including details,
courtesy of The Collection of Reba and Dave Williams)

Date: 1936**

Medium: Lithograph

Edition: 100*

Dimensions: 8 1/16 x 11 5/16 in.

Printer: Probably George C. Miller***

Typical pencil annotations on impressions from the edition: just below the image numbered and titled (l.l.) signed and dated (l.r.)

Public collections holding this print: PRF

Topic galleries for this print:
1. Worker Scenes


*Title and Edition: The title and edition for this print are inscribed, (PRF impression) l.l. just below the plate mark, in Fiene's typical manner.

**Date: The only observed impression (PRF) is dated in the artist's hand.

Color: The PRF impression of this work (the only observed impression) contains red tones mainly running through the dark portions of the torsos of the two right-hand figures. It is currently the position of this catalogue that this is printed color (not hand-coloring), but final judgment must be reserved until other impressions have been found and examined. Lighter versions of these red tones can be observed in the drawing below. (See Related Works below.) For more about Fiene's color prints in general, click here.

(Although the full-image photograph above (and all of the full-image photos of this print appearing in the catalogue) make it difficult to see the color, it can be seen in the detail photo below.)

***Printer: George C. Miller was the printer for all Fiene lithographs of this period for which the printer is definitely known. (No direct evidence for Miller as printer of this print yet exists.)

Setting: Fiene made a series of paintings, drawings and lithographs which are based on his travels through Pennsylvania and West Virginia during the winter of 1935-36. The industrial paintings from this experience are among his most well known works.

Night Shift, Aliquippa Plant, c. 1935, o/c, 36 x 48 in.
(1939 offset photo-litho of painting,
courtesy, estate of the artist)

Related Works: Several drawings (studies) from the above referenced travels depict similar figures from the mining industry, including the first image below, virtually the same image as the lithograph.

Untitled, Ink and watercolor on paper, c. 1935
Untitled, graphite on paper, 1935

Reproduced in: America Today, Cat. # 85. America Today is the catalogue for an exhibition of prints held in thirty locations throughout the United States simultaneously. Alex Stavenitz writes in the introduction:

The one hundred prints here reproduced were selected from hundreds submitted by artists in all parts of the United States in response to the announcement by the [American Artists] Congress of a nation-wide exhibition of duplicate exhibits to be held simultaneously in thirty American cities during the month of December, 1936. The jury was composed of the following artists: Arnold Blanch, Stuart Davis, Ernest Fiene, Hugo Gellert, William Gropper, Wanda Gág, Yasuo Kuniyoshi, Margaret Lowengrund, Louis Lozowick, Geroge Picken, Harry Sternberg, Lynd Ward, Max Weber. Each Juror was asked to include one of his own works in the exhibition. The method of selection was an innovation in jury procedure. It was the most democratic available. Each juror made an individual selection of one hundred prints, and then their written lists were tallied for the hundred prints receiving the highest number of votes. (America Today 5).

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