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The Prints of Ernest Fiene:
A Catalogue Raisonné -- in progress
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White Roses*
Catalogue Entry #s 30, 30A-1, 30A-2
(Click here for explanation of catalogue entry #s and titles.)

Fig. 1
Catalogue Entry # 30
Click the image for enlargement.
(photo, courtesy of private collection)

Date: 1928

Medium: Lithograph (Fig.1 {left} printed in black ink; Fig. 2 {below} printed in 5 colors; Fig. 3 {below} printed in black ink with hand coloring)**

Edition: 10 (#30) and 50(#30A-1&2)**

Dimensions: 13 3/4 x 9 in.

Printer: George C. Miller***

Typical pencil annotations on impressions from the editions: numbered (l.l.), signed and dated (l.r.)**

Public Collections Holding This Print: GU; PRF (2 impressions --Black ink and Color); WMAA

Topic galleries for this print:
1. Color Works
2. Florals/still-lifes

Fig. 2
Catlaogue # 30 A-1
(For enlargement, click the image.)
Figure 2 (left) An impression printed in color from the edition of 50..

The impression illustrated is numbered "2/50" and bears registration marks, indicating it was printed in colors (not hand-colored). It also bears the inscription, "5 Stones" and "Hand printed in five colors." (See detail below.)

Another impression with the same coloring numbered "46/50" is inscribed in Fiene's hand "Original lithograph printed by hand in five colors."
(In a review of The Downtown Gallery exhibition of Fiene Lithographs, March-April,1928, The New York Evening Post says, "'White Roses'" was "carried out in a four-color process." --presumably an error)

(photo (Fig. 2) including enlargement
courtesy of
The Collection of Reba and Dave Williams

Fig. 3
Detail of White Roses: Annotations on impression printed in color::
"2/50 White Roses" -- "Ernest Fiene 28"
"5 Stones" -- "Hand printed in 5 colors"
("16 x 20" presumably a later framer's note)
Photo courtesy of The Collection of Reba and Dave Williams

Fig. 4
Catalogue Entry # 30 A-2
(photo, courtesy of private collection)
Fig. 4 (left) A hand-colored impression from the edition of 50 -- numbered "48/50". Another hand colored impression (WMAA) is numbered "28/50".

Fig. 4 (below) A Woodblock after the lithograph appears in the "American Block Print Calendar" for 1937 (printed by Gutenberg Publishing Co., 1936, for the Chicago Society of Artists).

"In 1937, the Chicago Society of Artists began publishing an annual block-print calendar to expose Chicago artists to a wider audience and to finance the society’s activities. The Artist Calendar – 1937 was published in the summer of 1936 and featured woodcuts by 30 artists . . . ." (Source, click here.)

It is unlikely that Fiene carved the block; if so, it would be his only known woodblock print. The calendar page says, "Drawing by Ernest Fiene," suggesting that another hand carved the block after his drawing.


*Title: The title "White Roses" appears l.l. following the numbering on the PRF impression. It also appears at the bottom edge of the sheet of the WMAA impression but not in Fiene's hand. The Downtown Gallery exhibition catalogue of Fiene's "New Lithographs" of 1928 includes a work noted as "White Roses (in color)." The GU impression uses the title "Still Life," although this title does not appear on the print. All other observed impressions bear no title.

**Editions , Medium:and Color: Indications of three edition sizes have been noted, leaving the specifics of the edition ambiguous: an edition of 10 black ink impression; an edition of 50 of which all observed impressions are either printed in color or hand-colored; a reference in the Downtown Gallery catalogue of 1928 to a print titled "White Roses (in color)" in an edition of 30. This catalogue raisonné accepts an edition of 10 and an edition of 50, considering the Downtown Gallery number an error.

  • Black Ink Impressions (edition of 10): Five black ink impressions have been observed numbered "x/10." It was not unusual for Fiene to create two separately numbered editions of the same print, the smaller edition often being a first state of the larger edition.
  • Impressions printed in color (within edition of 50):
    • Three impressions printed in color have been observed and are numbered "2/50" (PRF), "46/50" (private collection) and are inscribed at the bottom center of the page in the artist's hand, "5 Stones" and "Hand printed in five colors" (PRF see below.) and "Original lithograph printed by hand in five colors" (private collection), and "29/50" (private collection). all three bear registration marks typical of a work printed in colors.
  • Impressions colored by hand (within edition of 50):
    • The WMAA hand-colored impression is numbered "28/50, signed and dated "28."
    • The private collection hand-colored impression is numbered "48/50" and is signed and dated "28."
  • Impressions outside the edition:
    • One black ink proof without any annotation has been observed.
    • ***A hand-colored impression (GU) is inscribed, "Hand colored proof to Geo. C. Miller in appreciation/ Ernest Fiene/ 28." It does not bear Fiene's typical style numbering but is annotated in the artist's hand at the left bottom corner of the sheet "111 a / 10 - 3HC." "HC" is usually an abbreviation for the French, hors commerce/outside of commerce or not for sale.

More data is needed before firm conclusions can be drawn about the edition(s) of this print. For more about Fiene's color prints in general, click here.

Rounded Corners: Fiene lithographs with rounded corners include this work, Winter, Spring, and Brooklyn Bridge.

Related Works: The painting on the left below is undoubtedly a model, if not a study, for the lithographs.

White Roses, Oil on Board, 1927, 13 3/4 x 9 3/4 in.
photo and data courtesy of
Thomaston Place Auction Galleries
Untitled [White Roses in Vase], n.d., oil on board, 15 x 11 1/2 in.

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