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Fiene Copyright ©2006,
Jeffrey Coven, CATRAIS Copyright ©2010 IA\TPC
The Prints of Ernest Fiene: A Catalogue Raisonné -- in progress
Galleries: by Topic, Medium, and Publisher
(Click the image or the topic name to visit the gallery.)
There is no topic gallery for landscapes in general, as such a gallery would include most of Fiene's prints; and not every print in the catalogue necessarily falls into one of the categories listed below.
French Connected Prints

(Prints either printed in France or with French subject matter)

Works pending entry into or withdrawn from the catalogue raisonné; or of otherwise questionable status

(This topic gallery contains references to works which do not currently merit inclusion in the catalogue raisonné proper.)

Prints executed in media other than lithography
(Etchings, Drypoints, Aquatints and Monotype)

Over ninety percent of Fiene's prints were lithographs so there is no separate gallery for them. For lithographs, please refer to the chronological thumbnail catalogue of all the prints.)

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