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Bibliography and Exhibition List
(This page is in the process of being expanded and proofed.)
The Prints of
Ernest Fiene:
A Catalogue Raisonné
in progress

Part I: Selected critical appraisals, reviews, publications with illustrations of Fiene prints,* works by Fiene, and general reference sources that include an entry for Ernest Fiene (presented alphabetically by author or, if no author, by title):

  • Adams, Clinton. "Adolph Dehn: The Lithographs." The Prints of Adolf Dehn A Catalogue Raisonné, compiled by Joycelyn Pang Lumsdaine, St. Paul: Minnesota Historical Society Press, 1987, 26-42.
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  • "Amon Carter Museum Acquires Significant Print Collection From The Philadelphia Musuem of Art." Amon Carter Museum New Release Archive.
  • Art Digest: Articles on, reviews of, or reproductions of prints by Fiene appear in the following issues: Dec. 15, 1932 (Reproduction of Madison Square Park); March 1, 1934 (Reproduction of Connecticut Winter); April 1, 1935; Dec. 1, 1937; Feb. 1, 1940; May 1, 1943.
  • The Artist, Dec., 1962, Vol. 64 #3, p. 54 (Interview of Fiene).
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  • Fifty Prints of the Year.* American Institute of Graphic Arts, 1926-1927, (Dyckman Street Church, Winter)***
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  • Fine Prints of the Year,* An Annual Review of Contemporary Etching and Engraving, Sixteenth Annual Issue. (Winter Evening)***
  • Glassgold, C. Adolph. "Ernest Fiene." Creative Art, Vol 8. Num. 4, April, 1931, 257-264. (Eight Fiene paintingss are reproduced, including 4 with titles the same as titles of lithographs: Entrance to Village, Along the Hudson, Hudson River Boat, and Bather.
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Part II: Selected Museums/Libraries maintaining clip files on Ernest Fiene

Part III: Selected exhibitions of works by Ernest Fiene (includes major solo exhibitions, major museum exhibitions in which Fiene works appeared, and print exhibitions in which Fiene prints appeared* -- presented chronologically)

  • McDowell Club, 1922 (watercolors).
  • Whitney Studio Club, New York (paintings and watercolors).
  • The New Gallery, New York, "Ernest Fiene," Oct. 30- Nov. 15, 1924.(paintings, watercolors, drawings, etchings).
  • Brooklyn Society of Modern Etchers, Brooklyn, NY, 3rd Annual Exhibition, 3rd Annual Exhibition, April 15-30, 1925.
  • C. W. Kraushaar Art Galleries, New York "Exhibition of Paintings, Drawings, Lithographs and Watercolors by Ernest Fiene, Nov. 12-Nov. 26, 1927.
  • The Downtown Gallery, New York, "Ernest Fiene New Lithographs," March 26- April 15, 1928. (Nude, Hudson River Boat, Canadian Village)***
  • Whitney Studio Gallery, New York, May, 1928. (with Glenn O. Coleman -- paintings in gouache)
  • Los Angeles Museum Exhibition Park, "Exhibition of American Prints," June, 1928. (Spring Landscape)
  • F.K.W. Rehn Gallery, New York, Feb. 1930 (paintings, watercolors, drawings, lithographs).
  • Chicago Arts Club, Chicago, March, 1930 (paintings)
  • The Eleventh International Printmakers Exhibition, Printmakers Society of California, Los Angeles Museum Exposition Park, March 1- 31, 1931 (Brooklyn Bridge).***
  • F.K.M. Rehn galleries, New York, March 1931 (paintings and lithographs)
  • The Twelfth International Printmakers Exhibition, Printmakers Society of California, Los Angeles Museum Exposition Park, March, 1931 (Asleep)***
  • Museum of Modern Art, New York, "Eighty Years of American Painting," Nov. 1932 (painting: Hudson River Boat).
  • Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, "First Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary American Painting," Nov. 1932 (painting, Nocturne, 34th Street).
  • Brooklyn Museum, "American Color Prints," Brooklyn, NY, Feb. 1933 (lithograph: White Roses in a Vase).***
  • The Fourteenth International Printmakers Exhibition, Printmakers Society of California, Los Angeles Museum Exposition Park, March, 1933. (New York Skyline)*** -- mistakenly listed in the catalogue, and repeated in Wilson (p.303), under "Ernest Fene."
  • Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, "Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture by Guggenheim Fellows," April, 1933.
  • The Society of American Etchers (formerly The Brooklyn Society of Etchers), Eighteenth Annual Exhibition, National Arts Club [New York], Nov-Dec., 1933. (Madison Square Park)***
  • The Downtown Gallery, New York, "Fiene, Recent Paintings," Jan. 3-20, 1934.
  • The Arts Club of Chicago, Chicago, "Paintings by Ernest Fiene," Feb. 16-March 6, 1934 (paintings (20), watercolors (6), lithographs (19), etchings (2).
  • The Fifteenth International Printmakers Exhibition, Printmakers Society of California, Los Angeles Museum Exposition Park, March, 1934. ("Waterfront" Manhattan)***
  • The Sixteenth International Printmakers Exhibition, Printmakers Society of California, Los Angeles Museum Exposition Park, March, 1935 (Connecticut Winter).***
  • The Pittsburgh Commission for Industrial Expansion. "The Industrial Scene, Paintings and Drawings by Ernest Fiene." Oct. 4-16 1937.
  • Associated American Artists, New York, Jan. 23 - Feb.10, 1940 (53 paintings and watercolors).
  • Knoedler & Company, New York, 1949.
  • Midtown Gallery, New York, "Ernest Fiene," Jan. 27-Feb. 21, 1959 (19 paintings).
  • Washington Irving Gallery, New York, "Ernest Fiene," Nov. 2-Dec. 5, 1969**
  • "One Hundred Prints by One Hundred Artists of the Art Students League of NY, 1875-1975." April 22-March 17, 1975. Colonial Village.
  • National Collection of Fine Arts, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., "George Miller and American Lithography," February 13 -- April 4, 1976. (Introduction by Janet Flint) Entrance to Village; Washington Arch.
  • Robert Hull Fleming Museum, The University of Vermont. "George Miller and Son: Lithographers: June 11th -- July 15th, 1979. (Connecticut Winter).
  • ACA Gallery, New York, "Ernest Fiene Art of the City 1925-1955," May 2-23, 1981.** (New York Skyline)***
  • Whitney Museum of American Art at Equitable Center, New York (and other venues), "City Life: New York in the 1930s" (Prints from the permanent collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art; includes essay by Edith Tonelli), April 16-June 6, 1987. (New York Skyline/Under Brooklyn Bridge)***
  • Hebrew Home for the Aged, Riverdale, NY, "Ernest Fiene: An American Realist," April 4, - May 31, 1995 (paintings, watercolors, and lithographs).** --See citation for review of exhibition above.
  • Williams, Dave and Reba. New York, New York: Prints of the City -- 1880-1990. Henderson, NC: Harperprints, 1994. Empire State Building***
  • Boca Raton Museum of Art, America the Beautiful 19th and 20th Century Paintings from the Walter and Lucille Rubin Collection, January 22- March 30, 2003. (See Lincoln Monument, Union Square.)

*For the purposes of this bibliography Fifty Prints of the Year and Fine Prints of theYear are being treated as publications rather than exhibitions, although they were both. Similarly, so are other exhibition catalogues listed in this section of the bibliography.
**Posthumous exhibition
***At least one Fiene print is illustrated in the publication/ exhibition catalogue; when known, the title(s), linked to the catalogue raisonné entry(ies), follow(s) in parentheses.

Selected Prints
the Catalogue

Empire State Building


Winter Sun [1]

Madison Square Park/City Lights
Etching with Aquatint

Thumbs/tn_New Snow.jpg
New Snow

Lincoln Monument,
Union Square

Hudson River Boat

Brooklyn Bridge


Washington Arch


"Waterfront" Manhattan

Connecticut Winter

A Bibliography and Exhibition List

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